Celebrating Latinx Authors

National Hispanic Heritage Month is Sept. 15-Oct. 15, but it’s always a good time to read a novel by a Latinx author or with Latinx characters!

Since I am involved with Latinxs in Kid Lit, I’m not going to duplicate efforts. Instead of maintaining a book list here, I will refer you to that site’s lists, which are more comprehensive and include covers linked to Goodreads.

Here are the separate lists:

Picture Books and Early Readers

Middle Grade

Young Adult

Starting in 2014, the site has added “Book Talks,” called Libros Latinxs. The format is similar to what I was doing here. Below are book covers that link to the book talks I have created for the Latinxs in Kid Lit site. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

Sammy  Frenchie  5562914      17166339  13482750  22639675  22718685  23013839  25256386  24529123  Labyrinth Lost Cover  The Surrender Tree Cover  The Tequila Worm Cover