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Mia Hernandez’s gymnastics team is nervous about the upcoming season. However, they’re encouraged when their new coach tells them that she was once a gymnast for their longtime rivals. The coach’s knowledge will be a great advantage during the season. But strange things begin to happen at the competitions. The wrong music is played during some girls’ floor exercises. Itching powder ends up in one team’s chalk. At another meet, the parallel bars fall apart while a competitor performs her routine. Someone is taking dangerous risks to cheat at the competitions. But who could it be, and why? Follow along as Mia discovers the shocking truth behind who’s been sabotaging the competition during the gymnastics season in this Jake Maddox JV Mystery.

Spoiler alert: “Jake Maddox” is not a real person. Writers are hired for each book in the series, which is united by a single name–-Jake Maddox–-for branding. I was hired to write Gymnastics Payback for the Jake Maddox Mysteries series. It releases August 1, 2021. My name and bio are inside the book, so the writer does get credit, but the rights remain with the publisher since it was a work-for-hire project. I hope readers enjoy Gymnastics Payback!


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