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We are exactly 12 days away from the last day of school and one month away from the release of my debut picture book! THREE POCKETS FULL: A story of love, family, and tradition releases July 1, 2022 with Cardinal Rule Press!!!
At this point, you all should have received a PDF version of the picture book. If you haven't please let me know. Once you read it, please leave a review on Goodreads, if you have an account, and Barnes & Noble. Amazon doesn't allow reviews until the book is released.

Smaller publishers don't always get their books reviewed by the big review venues, like Kirkus, School Library Journal, and Publisher's Weekly. Meanwhile, many teachers and librarians rely on those reviews to purchase new books. So, one way to help boost books from smaller publishers is to leave a review. This not only helps me and the publisher, but it also helps other book lovers find their next awesome read!

Another great way to help your favorite authors (like me!) is to pre-order the book! You can order it from anywhere you choose (Amazon, Barnes & Noble), but to help out our local bookstores, use In the next block, you will see what some people have said after reading THREE POCKETS FULL.
"This is a story with a small mystery and a big heart, about the small steps we might take to confront big emotional hurdles, and, above all, about the strength that love gives us when we act out of our love for others."
--Author Padma Venkatraman

"A poignant story of loss and love delivered through laugh-out-loud humor."
--Author Terry Catasús Jennings
"It's funny, clever, and heartwarming at the same time. It left me with a smile at the end and also a bit teared up."
--Author Mariana Ríos Ramírez

"This beautiful story is very dear to me. Bring from a Cuban family where guayaberas are also very traditional, I love learning this is also a tradition in Mexico...Beautiful, sweet, and important."
--Author Ana Siqueira

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Writing tips: keeps marching....and you should be writing, but you have so much else to do...Ugh. This is a vicious circle. There never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things plus write. Yet, if you want to be among the 3% of people who complete a manuscript, you must make time to write. Escape to a coffee shop, a book store, or your local library. Another trick, if you're in a noisy home and need quiet, is to use earplugs. This helps me a lot. As we head into summer, I vow to make time to write! How about you?

Shameless Dog Photo

Ozzie is so excited that it's almost summer and his humans will be home instead of at school!

Shameless Book Plug

The first "Jake Maddox" book I wrote is VOLLEYBALL ACE. I knew nothing about volleyball, really, so I watched local high school games as part of my research.
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