The When Reason Breaks Blog Tour Round-Up

For the past two weeks, book bloggers have participated in the When Reason Breaks blog tour. This post is just to say thank you:

Robert Downey Jr. Thanks

And…You’re awesome!

Supernatural Gif

I know there are so many books and so little time, which is why I really appreciate it whenever someone tells me they have read my debut novel. A very special thanks goes out to these bloggers for highlighting When Reason Breaks on their sites and doing very cool things, like spine poetry, connecting the book to Emily Dickinson poems, or making a playlist.

Here’s the full round-up of the tour:


Guest Post On Emily, Poetry, and My Writing Journey (E. Kristin Anderson’s blog, Write All the Words!) (4/6/2015)

The YA Kitten connects ED’s “How happy is the little Stone” with When Reason Breaks. (4/7/2015)

Book Spine Poetry by Jen at YA Romantics (4/8/2015)

Q&A on Adventures of a Book Junkie (4/9/2015)

Guest post on Itching for Books about the use of Dickinson’s poetry in the novel (4/10/2015)

Q&A on Fic Fare (4/13/15)

Book spine poetry by The Book Belles using WRB. (4/14/15)

Guest post for Novel Ink about books that affected me deeply (4/15/15)

The Reading Nook Reviews connects a Dickinson poem to the novel (4/16/15)

Ashley at YAdult Review created a playlist for the novel (4/17/15)


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