Buy a Book on Monday

Not long ago, author Sean Cummings started an online campaign called “Save Publishing–Read a Book at Bedtime.” The premise is simple: to save publishing, buy books and read daily. He encourages people to set aside 10 minutes for reading before bed. He established a Facebook page and website, and as of today, he has more than 1,000 fans.

He is pushing his experiment by asking people to buy a book on Monday, March 7, 2011. If you participate, he wants you to “post the title of the book you bought to our wall and tell us who you bought it for! Post a picture of it. Post a video of you reading from it! Whatever you want, the sky’s the limit.” He also suggests that you buy from a local, independent bookseller to keep them in business, and to post the cost of the book to show how much money was spent by participants in a day.

I know money is tight for many of us, but if you have the time and a little extra cash, consider buying a print or digital book on Monday to support the reader in your life, not to mention writers, aspiring writers (like yours truly), artists, agents, editors, booksellers, and everyone else involved in the publishing business.

For me, the problem is going to be buying only one. OK, maybe I will buy a couple…after five, I will have to stop myself…maybe…


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